Digital communications

Our approach is simple:
Harness digital media to deliver impact.
We listen, strategize, implement, measure and adjust.

We deliver impact.

We harness our digital expertise to devise data-driven strategies that meet our clients communications and advocacy objectives.

We develop creative multi-format digital content and creative campaigns that inform and engage our target audiences.

We listen, strategize, implement, measure and adjust to shape conversations and earn influence.

Our services.

  • Strategy development: We build informed and holistic digital strategies to achieve your objectives and manage your online reputation.
  • Social listening: Using the latest tools and platforms, including the Social Network Analysis, our team will monitor conversations and interactions, define audiences, influencers and measure sentiment to provide insights on social media behaviours.
  • Analytics: We help you identify and measure the right KPIs against your specific objectives.
  • Creative Campaigns: Whether on LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube or Google, we will help you run a successful online campaign from beginning to end.
  • Digital Asset development: From videos to infographics, we create platform-specific content to cut through the noise.
  • Social media training: We run workshops and webinars to boost digital behaviours and mindsets to help clients get their advocacy messages through and shape opinions.
  • Website & App development: We design, build and create content with a creative touch, taking on the process from a to z.

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