The European Banking Federation

Getting the word out about European Money Week

The European Banking Federation (EBF) asked SEC Newgate EU to support two different editions of the European Money Week. This is a joint initiative launched by national banking associations to raise awareness about the importance of financial literacy and financial education

Our approach

SEC Newgate EU approached this campaign from three angles: content creation (both written and audio-visual), social media promotion and events support. The efforts behind the EMW were aimed at EU citizens of all ages and backgrounds, hence the choice of a multichannel approach which would have a broader impact and reach.

The result

SEC Newgate EU was in charge of drafting and publishing weekly articles on varied topics which were promoted regularly on social media. We also produced a series of video interviews with representatives from different European financial associations on the importance of financial literacy among children. The campaign won the 2016 European Public Affairs Award for Best Trade Association Campaign.

In 2018, EBF launched the first European Money Quiz, inviting students from 30 different countries to compete to show who knew the most about finances and banking. SEC Newgate EU supported the concept development and visuals, including an explainer animation video.