CES - Silicones Europe

Showcasing the benefits of silicones online

CES – Silicones Europe requested SEC Newgate EU’s support to profile themselves positively towards EU policy-makers and stakeholders, and to communicate the benefits and added value of silicones.

Our approach

To demonstrate the positive impact across many sectors on our daily lives, SEC Newgate EU rolled out an extensive cross-platform benefits programme. Through a digital-focused campaign, anchored by a four-part mini-video documentary series, we emphasised the silicones as essential “enablers” tackling key challenges in several economic sectors: healthcare, energy, construction and technology.

The result

The campaign has reached a wide variety of stakeholders across different sectors and relevant policymakers. The videos have been viewed a large number of times and website traffic has increased (by a sustained 28% over time, and by around 300% for the first promotional period). The campaign gained over 5 million impressions in EU media, such as POLITICO, and chemical trade press, including Chemical Watch and ENDS Europe.