As we have seen since the pandemic hit, the Brussels bubble has operated an accelerated shift to digital, both in its communications and advocacy efforts. Often imposed out of necessity, this digital impulse has pushed European associations to become much more mature in their online strategies, begging the question: how can they effectively engage with their target audiences online?

In this report, we have selected our top pick of digital campaigns among the 50 most influential associations in Brussels. Why campaigns? Because this has become the best medium for associations to share targeted messages with targeted audiences in an online space that is increasingly crowded.

With shrinking attention spans and expanding online content, the challenge is to be able to cut through the noise. This means getting creative. The visual expression of ideas ranges from sophisticated videos and animations to customised webinars and other fun and catchy formats. Quote cards and 3-minute videos just won’t cut it anymore.

In this 6th edition of the Digital Associations Report, we hope you will find inspiration through these campaigns on how to hit a digital home run. Enjoy the read!