Fuels Europe

Promoting fuel-efficient driving online

Ahead of the 2015 COP21 United Nations Climate Change conference in Paris, FuelsEurope launched the campaign “Save More Than Fuel” to promote more energy-conscious driving as one of the many ways the European refining sector can help fight climate change.

Our approach

Save More Than Fuel” aims at encouraging drivers to reduce their fuel consumption – and therefore their emissions – by following ten simple tips captured in humorous videos. It builds upon a similar initiative launched in 2008 but relies heavily on digital tools. The videos are streamed directly from FuelsEurope’s YouTube channel into the campaign’s online hub available in 23 languages.

The result

Since its launch, the campaign has managed to:

  • Reach well over 100,000 views for all combined videos.
  • Register almost 42,000 page view. In addition to English, the most popular locations where visitors are coming from include Romania, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Greece.
  • Gather over 1,400 page likes on Facebook and numerous shares and likes and
  • Increase the number of Twitter followers by 300 and obtain more than 30,000 video views.

It is also worth highlighting a beneficial knock-on effect on all the available videos on FuelsEurope, which have seen a significant increase in their view count since the campaign launch.