While the war in Ukraine, the late Queen and the World Cup hubbub topped search interests globally, the Bubble seemed to keep a close eye on sustainability – when we look at our five most viewed articles this year.

01 All you need to know about the Circular Economy Package.

All the new initiatives will contribute to the ambition set under the EU Green Deal, to achieve climate neutrality and foster a more sustainable lifestyle in Europe, and beyond. [read more]

02 Sustainable Products Initiative: what’s boiling in the pot.

Aiming to reduce the environmental footprint of products throughout their lifecycle, the SPI will help to achieve another objective under the EU’s flagship Circular Economy Action Plan. [read more]

03 FT, POLITICO, EurActiv as agenda-setters – EU Council poll.

A European Council survey answered by 21 per cent of the 862-strong Brussels press corps ranked the Financial Times as the most influential media outlet in the heart of the EU, followed by POLITICO and EurActiv. [read more]

04 Corporate Sustainability Reporting: Mandatory reporting on ESG.

 At the end of June 2022, an ambitious agreement was reached by the European Parliament and the Council to require the mandatory reporting on ESG by a considerable chunk of companies operating on the EU market. [read more]

05 How the European Defence Fund shapes the future of EU defence and security.

The Commission has two major objectives: promote cross-border cooperation and research in defence; and increase Member States defence procurement coordination and close capability gaps. [read more]

Beyond the regular news & views, our report on the most creative digital campaigns, the launch of the #TradeViews newsletter & our exclusive #BrusselsCalling interview with POLITICO Europe’s Editor-in-Chief Jamil Anderlini were among our 2022 hits.