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We know that la rentrée can be tough. Why not celebrate the arrival of autumn by meeting learning a thing or two about a new tech topic and having a drink with fellow tech enthusiasts? Two of our clients have great events coming up that might pique your interest.

Tech Team

On 11 October, you can join BSA | The Software Alliance for an event to explore how the software industry contributes massively to economic growth, creates jobs and drives innovation across Europe. The discussions will kick off at 17:30 and be followed by a cocktail reception. Find the full programme and registration details here.

The following week on 16 October, come meet Allied for Startups at their Annual Summit Gala dinner as they look at current and future policy questions in tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Founder and CEO Melissa Blaustein will be joined by Constantijn van Oranje, Special Envoy to StartupDelta to discuss the way forward for startups in Europe. Interested? Email to request a seat at the table.

And if that’s not enough, on 9 October, our very own #BrusselsCalling media series will focus on Brexit, which we all know could have an impact on tech. It’s not (quite) too late to sign up here to hear how leading journalists cover the wrangling over the UK’s decoupling from the EU.

We hope to see you there!

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Europe is the new trendy place for start-ups [The Next Web]

You want to be the next Steve Jobs and you’re already packing to move to Silicon Valley? Hold on! This might not be the best destination for your future tech start-up. Instead, you could stay in Europe where you’ll find a growing number of opportunities for funding and incubators with talented people. Plus Silicon Valley is now saturated with all manner of inventions, leaving the European market way more open to fresh tech ideas. Europe is definitely the new playground where everyone wants to be.

Regulating 5G? Much more than a one million dollar question [WSJ]

In the U.S, 4G has been a great opportunity to boost jobs and the app economy. In an opinion piece, former Federal Communications Commissioner Robert M. McDowell outlines concerns on the next step – the ability of the U.S. to lead the 5G race – and calls for pro-investment and pro-innovation regulations to that end. That’s indeed a narrative we often hear – on both sides of the Atlantic. We also often hear that Europeans regulate innovation when Americans make a business of it – will 5G confirm or refute this?

Are we paying close enough attention to algorithms? [Vox]

We’re all generally aware algorithms are out there, but how many of us really understand what they are — or how we’re influenced by them? A new book by Hannah Fry, a mathematician at UCL, argues that algorithms are neither good nor bad, but that society in general and policymakers in particular should be paying more attention to the people programming them. Vox’s Sean Illing dives into the book’s proposals with the author in a one-on-one interview. Check it out!

Let the fintech battle begin [TechCrunch]

German fintech startup N26 is launching in the UK, home of Monzo, Starling and unicorn Revolut. British users will get all the basic N26 options, yet with one notable feature: UK account numbers and sort codes, allowing customers to receive payments and share bank information with their utility providers, just as they would with a regular bank account. Pretty cool, even if Revolut already lets you do many of these things. Plus Revolut actually has many more features than N26, like the possibility to insure your phone or buy bitcoins. Game on.

In case you haven’t had enough

How Dirty Money Disappears Into the Black Hole of Cryptocurrency [WSJ]

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 An African solution to the global tech talent shortage [Euractiv]

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