Our award-winning #BrusselsCalling media series is back with a panel discussion on trade. Leading Brussels trade correspondents will share their views on the ins and outs of following one of the hottest topics in town.

16 Oct 2019

9:00 - 10:00

Brussels Press Club

International trade has never been so sensitive, so complex and so all-encompassing. An expanding patchwork of trade agreements spans the globe, linking countries and regions. No longer just about agriculture, trade affects policies on climate, competition, data, digital, development, energy, financial services, gender, labour, tax, transport and more.

The system is grappling with disruption. The WTO is in demise, an anti-trade backlash is on the rise, and the world’s trade heavyweights are at loggerheads.

Join us to hear Sabine Weyand and EU trade journalists make sense of all this.