The Cambre Associates team is excited to announce the launch of its revamped and vastly improved EUssentials smartphone application. Our app was first launched in 2010 to bring the EU institutions and leading political figures to the palm of your hand. But as we all demand more and more immediacy and access to real-time information from our phones, it was about time to release a new EUssentials. Bigger, better looking, easier to use and with tons of real-time information.

Whether you are a public affairs or public relations professional, a journalist or an MEP, EUssentials will be your digital compass to navigate the Brussels jungle.

In addition to all the great functionalities we already had in EUssentials, the new version brings the news that matters straight to your device. Subscribe to any of the policy categories in the Newsroom and be notified in real time whenever the EU institutions and main EU agencies publish an update (e.g. press release, reports, statements, etc.) on the topics you are following. Want to get the midday briefing on your phone? No problem, EUssentials has got you covered.

You can also follow MEPs and Commissioners and get notifications whenever they publish a statement, cast a vote or make a plenary intervention in Strasbourg.

And that’s not all. As your guide to key EU officials, the app provides you with the contact details, social media accounts and responsibilities for all MEPs as well as all Commissioners’ contacts and those of their cabinets. It also includes the contacts of all Commission spokespeople, the list of EU presidencies until 2030 and who to contact.

You name it, we have it 🙂

Could there possibly be more? Absolutely. The app can provide directions to the main EU buildings in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg. Never get lost running between meetings at DG JUST and DG CNECT again. Seeing red trying to remember if it is a green week? The European Parliament calendar for 2018 is at your fingertips in the app and includes the option of saving events straight into your phone.

Stop getting lost in the EU labyrinth and keep the EU institutions in the palm of your hand. Get EUssentials today!