The Confederation of European Security Services

Building a network for the EU’s private security sector

The role of private companies is essential in ensuring society’s security, by preventing and protecting people and assets 24/7. It supports and complements public security and law enforcement, as well as completes tasks for both the private and public sector.

Our approach

In the current context, whereby CoESS (the Confederation of European Security Services) seeks to respond and add value to the multitude of EU security policies, it relies on SEC Newgate EU to maintain high visibility vis-à-vis the EU stakeholders and positively contribute to EU policies. As a long-standing advisor to CoESS, SEC Newgate EU supports the organisation to contribute proactively to discussions on how to improve public security and how to implement effective EU actions across EU policymakers, Member States, competent security authorities and expert groups, critical infrastructure operators, and the public.

The result

We helped CoESS  build a network of contacts as well as establish and position the private security service sector in policy discussions. Today, we support the association, which now belongs to numerous EU expert groups, with the proactive implementation of advocacy programmes. Related activities include stakeholder engagement, participation in public consultations, and the development and promotion of position papers. With SEC Newgate EU’s support, CoESS contributes regularly to security debates with a number of publications, including studies on value-based procurement of security services and best practices in transport security.