BSA | The Software Alliance

Putting software in the media spotlight

BSA tasked SEC Newgate EU in 2017 with the goal of  building on and refreshing its communications activities, raising brand visibility and name recognition in Brussels and European media. The larger objective of the strategy was greater influence of the software industry as a thought leader, boosting its ability to help shape EU public policy debates.

Our approach

SEC Newgate EU’s strategy was first to strengthen BSA’s existing position by protecting, refining and expanding its reputation as a leader in data flows and transatlantic digital issues. Second, we are helping it occupy new spaces, branching out into key target sectors (e.g. transport, energy, or trade), showcasing BSA’s and software’s growing sphere of influence and aiming for increased visibility.

The result

We helped refine and amplify BSA’s messaging towards top-tier media based in Brussels and key European capitals – and consequently towards policymakers and industry leaders. BSA coverage in European media rose by more than 50% in 2017 compared to 2016 . This positioned President and CEO Victoria Espinel and Thomas Boué, Director General, Policy – EMEA, as go-to spokespeople for software in European media with hits in the Financial Times, the BBC, Reuters and more.

SEC Newgate EU has helped us up our media game in Brussels and across Europe
Anna Hughes, Director, Global Communications, BSA