Promoting sustainability across the European PVC value chain

VinylPlus has put into action the European PVC industry’s commitment to sustainability and given continuity to the work started by Vinyl 2010. SEC Newgate EU was asked to develop and implement creative and traditional communication initiatives to create awareness and reposition perceptions down the industry’s value chain and vis-à-vis policymakers.

Our approach

SEC Newgate EU – along with its Italian partner Zelian – implemented a series of creative ideas as well as some more traditional projects. Special attention was been given to communicating down the value chain to promote the programme and maintain message consistency. Activities included pan-European media relations, high profile partnerships with international organisations (e.g. UNIDO/UNEP) research institutes and the media, advertising campaigns, events, exhibitions, social media and many other PR tactics.

The result

The PVC industry at large and especially VinylPlus members have been able to articulate a more uniform and stronger argumentation to defend the use of PVC. Perceptions of VinylPlus and the positioning of the European PVC industry have improved, in particular amongst policymakers. Brand recognition has also increased across the plastics and related sectors.