European Cancer Organisation

Policymaker awareness and reputation building campaign

Shifting from an organization with a business model focused on congress income, SEC Newgate EU supported the association in positioning itself as the leading voice on cancer at the EU level in a crowded and highly competitive environment.

Our approach

SEC Newgate EU supported European Cancer Organisation in developing a strategy to profile itself as the leading voice on cancer at the EU level, plugging in the organisation and its members’ vision on cancer with the pertinent initiatives and positions of EU institutions in the context of an increased EU action on cancer. The campaign was deployed through a targeted outreach campaign, engaging with the leading decision-makers in cancer, and tailored media engagement to establish relations, gain visibility and position European Cancer Organisation’s views at the heart of the EU’s cancer agenda.

The result

SEC Newgate EU successfully supported European Cancer Organisation in transitioning from a relative unknown in the policy space to one of the go-to players and a key interlocutor for EU policy-makers active on cancer policy. The organization now not only directly contributes to the formulation of EU cancer policy but as result has increased its membership and strengthened its financial position.