Global chemicals corporation

Assessing fuel quality and nanomaterials policy outlook

A global chemical corporation engaged SEC Newgate EU to assess the global regulatory landscape and emerging trends for nanomaterials and fuel quality policies.

Our approach

To develop the necessary knowledge, SEC Newgate EU reviewed and harmonised a large number of scientific and policy documents, as well as data from international organisations. These were weighed and assessed against criteria developed by SEC Newgate EU, with the results plotted on a heat map to provide a comprehensive visual overview for the client.

The result

The analysis resulted in two reports and accompanying slide decks. The first report ranked the threats and opportunities related to global fuel quality policies in various countries across the globe (including the EU, Asia, the Middle East and the Americas), and provided a heat map showing where the environment is most favourable to advocacy and business development. The second report gave an overview of the nanomaterials legislation in the EU, including policies at member state level, global trends in regulating nanomaterials and an analysis of risks and opportunities.