Polymer Association

Managing reputation and crises for the chemicals industry

More than a decade ago, a polymer association approached SEC Newgate EU to manage the sector’s reputation and prepare for any upcoming crises. Faced with greater scrutiny from NGOs and regulators, the organisation needed a programme to protect its substances and maintain a positive image of its innovation-enabling industry.

Our approach

To anticipate rising concerns, SEC Newgate EU set up a far-reaching regulatory, media and social media monitoring programme covering EU and member state developments. Over the years we have carried out numerous media trainings and crisis preparedness workshops. We also work closely with the association to craft statements, position papers and other advocacy materials.

The result

As a result of this wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary strategy, SEC Newgate EU has helped the association stay ahead of its issues. Through our monitoring programme, we are able to flag potentially problematic developments with ample time to prepare and coordinate a unified response from the industry. Our work in Europe is often mirrored in other parts of the world.
The media trainings ensure that the association maintains a professional image in the public sphere. Coupled with an increased social media presence and a continuously updated online profile, this allows the industry to consistently bring economic value and innovative products to the European market.