Forming and running an association for imaging equipment manufacturers

The manufacturers of imaging equipment needed a platform for the implementation of a Voluntary Agreement on the energy efficiency of their products.

Our approach

SEC Newgate EU set up EuroVAprint as a non-profit association in Brussels, gathering all signatories of the Voluntary Agreement.

The result

SEC Newgate EU has hosted the permanent secretariat of EuroVAprint since 2011. We manage its governance and budget, put in place sound financial processes, and run all its statutory meetings, making it legally and financially compliant with Belgian legislation.

We launched and maintain its website, manage requests from members and the media, and are the point of reference for institutional enquiries. We regularly organise meetings with EU officials, and communicate the achievements of industry via press releases or powerful infographics.

We also follow closely policy developments on energy efficiency, ecodesign, circular economy, the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive, better regulation and more.