Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on European communications and
advocacy. Digital platforms are enabling us to remain connected and
engaged online as cutting-edge technology is booming. The crisis has also accelerated the need for authentic, science-based communication that is human, relatable and optimistic all at the same time.

Society is demanding solutions to end the pandemic and reverse
climate change, calling for a green economic recovery and more diversity
and inclusion. Expectations for the industry to pursue a more purpose-driven agenda is mounting.

Such pressures, alongside the challenges of transitioning to a virtual
world, are pushing organisations to expand their creative boundaries for
their own survival online and offline.

As a result, many European associations are re-inventing themselves,
stepping up their climate communications, most notably around the EU
Green Deal, and positioning themselves as solution-providers in tackling
Europe’s most pressing challenges, putting digital at the heart of their
communications and advocacy efforts. Yet, others have been slower to

In this 5th edition of the European Associations Digital Report, we look at
how European associations are leveraging the enormous opportunities
presented by digital media to communicate effectively online and
ensure they are digitally fit for this new age.

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