One sunny day in June 2001, Cambre Associates came into being as a boutique agency keen to make a mark on the Brussels consultancy scene.

Over the last 20 years, we have grown from a startup into an established, award-winning player in Brussels and beyond, valued by clients for expertise across a variety of sectors and for services including policy, communications, media and association management support. A member of the global SEC Newgate group since 2013, we combine our deep Brussels roots with extensive international reach.

We have taken our 20th birthday as an opportunity to reflect on our identity as a company and how to ensure this remains fit for the future. The result: brand-new purpose and values, which we are delighted to share.


“We empower our clients and our people to question the status quo and change society for the better, through rigorous analytics, sound counsel and smart communication.”


Curious & agile.​

Caring & fun.