Take a look at the latest video in our #BrusselsCalling series of interviews with leading journalists covering the EU.

Victoria Main
Chief Business Development Officer


Ending 15 years as EU correspondent for the Irish Examiner, Ann Cahill discusses the changes she has witnessed on the Brussels media landscape in that time and her challenges in making the EU relevant and comprehensible to her Irish audience. She also shares her insights on the role of social media and the place of PR.

Cambre launched the #BrusselsCalling interviews in 2015 with the aim of providing a privileged glimpse into the EU media scene and tips on how to work effectively with Brussels-based journalists.

The interviews complement our event series, which has so far featured such influential journalists as Tom Nuttall (The Economist), Ryan Heath (POLITICO), Jim BrunsdenDuncan Robinson and Christian Oliver (the Financial Times), Huw Jones (Reuters), Naftali Bendavid and Frances Robinson (Wall Street Journal), and John Rega, and Vesela Gladicheva(MLex).

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