Much is said about the demise of traditional media relations. But a shortlist of credible and trusted news sources can be influential and vital for advocacy efforts.

Anne-Claude Martin
Senior Media Relations Consultant

Despite the rise of social media and other modern ways to speak up, media are often the most relevant means to go public with a story. But journalists are often the right way to go exercise ones influence and differentiate oneself from the competitors. Because the Brussels EU landscape (and not only) is brimming with multiple voices begging to be heard, journalists tend to be very selective when it comes to choose a valid and trusted news source. To catch a reporter’s attention, there are some dos and don’ts.


Therefore Cambre dedicated media team has set up a useful first aid kit for building a valuable relationship with media. Take the time to have a look at it before contacting journalists, it may prevent the door from slamming in your face.

Download the 10 tips working with the media