Are you considering applying to Cambre Associates? We thought you might want to know what it’s like to work with us, as there are quite a few great things about this place. Here are our top 10.


1.   You’ll learn new and diverse skills

We have communications, media and policy specialists, from many different walks of life. But this doesn’t mean we work in silos. Far from it. We firmly believe that a well-rounded (and constantly growing!) skillset is essential to keep coming up with creative ideas to support our clients’ objectives. Cambre does policy communications – that is to say our comms and policy experts work together on accounts.  We learn from one another. We prize diversity and like to stay challenged – so two days in the office are rarely the same. That’s why you will inevitably learn new skills if you join our team.

2.   We combine team spirit with ambition, drive and edge

We’re a team-first consultancy. Of course, we are ambitious and driven individuals who are committed to delivering quality results, but we are also mindful of one another, and we advance as a team. We genuinely believe that people are the glue that holds the business together, as much with clients as with colleagues. At Cambre, our ambition is fuelled by collaboration.

3.   Senior colleagues always have their door open (when they have a door)

Not only do all senior colleagues stay connected with what’s cooking in the company, but they are available and approachable. We expect everyone to chip in, from junior consultants to our CEO. Our office layout actually very much lends itself to this work style, with a mix of 3-5 junior and senior consultants per room, not to mention the hot-deskers.

4.  Your ideas won’t fall on deaf ears

Creativity is what we expect, so don’t ever feel reluctant to bring new ideas to the table or to propose doing things differently. We encourage creative thinking and entrepreneurialism in client work, marketing activities, business development and internal processes alike. Play to your strengths and there’s a pretty good chance your ideas will be taken on board.

5.   We know that a happy consultant is a motivated consultant

And a happy consultant is often the result of great food and greater beer (we are in Belgium after all). We do work very hard, but Cambre is committed to ensuring that employees are happy – be it a healthy work-life balance, a competitive salary or accommodating different working styles. Being a consultant should be about having fun with your colleagues and enjoying your work. We love Fridays, but Mondays are pretty good too.

6.  You’ll be working in different languages

Ok, sure you’ll be working mostly in English, but we have colleagues from across Europe and beyond as well as clients from all parts of the world. Cambre is also part of the SEC Group, expanding our international presence and opportunities for transnational collaborations.

7.  We care about your personal and career development

We run a mentoring scheme to support the development of team members, promote collaboration and exchange. The mentor is a listening ear and a source for advice and guidance from outside account management. Sure, mentoring needs do vary from one person to another, which is why we keep the scheme flexible. Oh and if you think you could use a helping hand acquiring competences to help you in your job and career, you’ll find that training sessions are commonplace at Cambre.

8.  Sustainability matters to us

Sustainability is not just a buzz word; it’s part of our everyday lives. We dedicate time (and money) to improving the way we function, from promoting green transportation (we have Cambre bikes) to sourcing our supplies sustainably. We have set up a sustainability working group to drive the company effort and help bring fresh ideas to the table – even if these can be a bit crazy, like turning our car park into pétanque pitches or getting an office parrot.

9.  You’ll eat well

Hawaiian poke bowl Mondays could become ‘a thing’ if you wanted to, just like Sushi Tuesdays, Burger Thursdays or Tibetan dumplings Fridays. On Wednesdays, Châtelain square hosts one of Brussels’ coolest markets, with quality food from Belgium and elsewhere. That’s one of the many great things about being located in a beautiful Belgian maison de maître in Bailli neighbourhood – a quiet, yet dynamic area of Brussels, just a 15-minute-walk from the EU quarter.

10.  If you’ve made it all the way to #10, you must be seriously considering applying

So just give it a try!

Written by Nathalie Rubin-Delanchy and François Barry